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This summer give a beautiful retreat to your eyes with elegant pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are an accessory that cannot be avoided in summers and the perfect pair of sunglasses can not only enhance your looks but also your personality.

What are you waiting for??

Go and grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and become a stunner.

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Reasons why you need sunglasses:

  • Protection from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays during the day.
  • Defense against dirt and debris when you are riding a vehicle.
  • Reduction of eyestrain and the formation of wrinkles caused by sun exposure.
  • When worn at the appropriate time – sunglasses help you see better.

Complete your look with the perfect pair of sunglasses and let the heads turn for you. Aviators, Polaroid, Powered sunglasses, wayfarers, and many more. We help you to get the sunglasses as per your face dimensions and looks. We deal in economical as well high range sunglasses. 

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Staying in the sun too long without protection might do serious damage to the eyes. That’s why wearing sunglasses is always recommended. On Coolwinks, you can easily find your favorite sunnies in eye-catching colors & frame shapes. Here are some frequently asked questions that would give you an insight into the sunglasses world & help you choose a perfect pair for your eyes.

Which Sunglasses shapes are available on B.N. Baijal Opticians?

Pilot, Cateye, Round, Butterfly, Clubmaster, Wraparound, and RetroSquare are some of the most trending Goggles shapes available on our website.

How can I choose the right shape for myself or someone else?

The shape of the face is the key to pick the right pair of goggles. Round Sunglasses look great on people with square faces. Pilot Sunglasses are perfect for people with heart-shaped faces. To understand the same deeply & learn the quick tricks of identifying a perfect frame for your face shape, check out our comprehensive face shape guide.

Which type of Goggles can I buy?

Try out a different sun-style for each day with mirror, tinted, gradient, flash & polarized goggles from B.N. Baijal Opticians.

Which sun glasses lens color would suit me the best?

Well, it completely depends on your choice as well as the activity you are mostly involved in. Different lens colors serve according to their respective purposes. For example, green & grey lens colors are best for outdoor activities whereas brown lens colors is perfect for everyday wear. Depending on your lifestyle, choose from a plethora of lens colors such as wine, silver, smoke, pink, berry & many more.

Are the polarized lenses different from the regular ones?

Yes, the polarized lenses are specifically designed to neutralize the adverse impact of the glare which can suddenly block vision & put one at great risk. Polarized lenses eliminate the vision distorting glare & lend a clear sight under the bright Sun, unlike regular lenses.

Do I need to wear sunglasses throughout the year?

Yes, sunglasses are important every time one steps outside in the Sun. They are a must to be worn in every season & even on cloudy days. Remember UV rays are present throughout the year and can easily penetrate fog and clouds.

I have power. Can I still wear Sunglasses?

Yes, you can always choose Power Sunglasses which allow you to have your regular prescription in goggles.

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