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Since 1888

LUCKNOW: Bapu’s ‘chashma’ had a unique feature that many might not know about. The hinges (the small parts that connect the arms of the frame to the rim) were so flexible that the wearer could use the glasses from both sides, pushing the arms back and forth by 180 degrees.

The spectacles, which instantly remind one of Mahatma Gandhi, were made at a 129-year-old shop in Lucknow’s Kaiserbagh Market.

BN Baijal Opticals, the shop which manufactured the frame, still has a piece preserved. The frame was much simpler compared to the ones we use today. It was made of skin-friendly material and took at least 25 days to be made.

“I know it would have been proof and a prized possession for us but the renovation that took place several times at our shop made us lose letters written by some of our legendary clients. I wish we had preserved the letter, I would have got it framed and displayed it at my shop,” said Sonu Baijal, the fifth generation of Late BN Baijal, who set up the shop in 1888.

Recalling another special customer, Baijal claims that Gumnami Baba, who people believe was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, had come to the shop once. “My grandfather told me that the moment Gumnami Baba took off his monkey cap, people in our shop recognized him. He went away without buying spectacles,” said Baijal.

Why are we different?

It’s always a confusing thing to buy a pair of sunglasses! At B.N. BAIJAL, we have an expert team of opticians who are well certified to help you out to get the best pair of glasses and frames and even powered sunglasses. With a wide variety of glasses, we give you the freedom to choose the one meant for you. We made B.N. Baijal Opticians with an idea of making a more available range of frames and shades suiting every need and requirement. We value your trust in us and thereby we have never compromised with the quality of the lenses and shades. “Our focus is on the customers and improving their experience. We believe that if we do that well, competition, prices, and profits will all take care of themselves”.