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Great glasses can be nothing short of a transformation. Whether you need sun protection for sports, driving, or recreation, All our sunglasses are available at the best price in the industry and our experienced opticians can provide you exceptional eye care and honest advice. We offer varied lenses like special lenses / rimless/high index/light-sensitive based on your requirements.

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The collection made of handcrafted Italian acetate, natural pure wood, titanium, and bullhorn. So that you get the very best.

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Prescription eyeglasses help us in overcoming various vision-related shortcomings & are an important accessory in our day-to-day life. Making the right choice for that perfect pair is important. To help you in the quest, we have jotted down some commonly asked questions which would help you in your purchase journey.

How can I get a perfect pair of spectacles which looks good on me?

The answer to this lies in your face shape. There are five basic shapes of faces: oval, round, heart, square, & diamond. You can check our face shape guide for more details. You may also consider the color of your skin, eyes, and hair for determining the color of eyeglasses frames.

How can I get rid of the reflections on the lenses?

Ensure that the lenses have the AR or Anti-Reflective coating. This coating facilitates the wearer to see more clearly. It also eliminates the whiteouts in photographs when taken with flash.

Is it possible to extend the lifespan of eyeglasses?

Keeping the spectacles in a good condition is all you need to ensure that they live longer. Remember some quick pointers. Shop spec with AR Coating & Anti-Scratch Coating to ensure lasting clarity and comfort of vision and protection from everyday scratches. Keep your eyeglasses clean and smudge-free by using special lens cleaners and do not apply any soap or chemicals to wipe off your glasses. Always use a select cloth to avoid scratches from harsh clothing materials/napkins.

How often should I opt for a new pair of eyeglasses?

If the prescription eyeglasses change, go for a new pair. Get in a habit of visiting the eye doctor once or twice every one or two years. Your doctor would be able to tell the right time to change glasses.

Which frame material is best for me?

Frames are crafted from various materials such as acetate, metal, wood, TR90, titanium, & so on. Each material has its own unique properties. You have to consider these properties before choosing the frame.

Why should I visit an eye doctor rather than simply picking a new pair of glasses from any eyewear store?

Visiting an eye doctor is important because regular eye check-ups are the sole way to catch hold of any slow-growing eye disease at its early stage before it leads to severe damage or permanent loss of eyesight. Simply replacing your old eyewear with a new one might skip the chance to spot the anomaly, if any.

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